MUSHROOM-FS Dining Table

MUSHROOM-FS Dining Table
designed by Daniel Heilig, David Blumberg and Lars Herzog (2021)

Dining table MUSHROOM-FS is a sensational centerpiece. Organic, designer furniture full of warmth, energy and elegance. Freshly interpreting cooper tradition; in praise of glorious oak worked in Germany. Inspired by the age-old art of cooperage, the rounded dining table is made of hand-selected oak planks. An artistic translation reimagining timelessly modern exquisite design. MUSHROON-FS comfortably seats four and shines in any room.

Dimensions (H x W x D):

77 x 120 x 120 cm


75 kg


Material 1:
Historic baking tray for hard breads, heated a thousand times. Cleaned, deburred and clearly lacquered.

Material 2:
High-density manufactured concrete, diamond polished, silicified, waterproofed and wax polished.


MUSHROOM-FS is a grandiose balance of urban and bucolic, grounded and floating, protective and inviting, light and durable. The discerning furniture sculpture tells of the beauty-obsessed interior designer, of venerable cooper craft, and time-honored singular aesthetics. Base and tabletop are polar opposites, dual forces existing upon each other to create a single entity. The round tabletop rests within its precision joint, tapering delicately ten millimeters towards the exposed edge. The tabletop and base are reversibly screwed together. Floating elaborately, the solid wood tabletop spanning 120 cm is clamped into the designer’s lathe. The gently tapered underside is, in several iterations, artfully hand turned, sanded, oiled and satin finished.

In the room, each MUSHROOM-FS is a naturally unique, atmosphere creating, design island. An age defying dining table and beautiful center of life. With free leg-space underneath and at the top, a stage for dining, playing, talking, musing and writing.

Each color style is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. Discover the dining table in the artist's exclusive shop.



Black stained and hand oiled. High quality wood with high durability from sustainable forestry in Germany.



Light warm yellow-brown, hand-oiled, strikingly grained. From sustainable forestry in the German low mountain range.

A designer dining table like yin and yang

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