“Design is within me.”

Daniel Heilig. Designer, artist, musician.

Daniel Heilig. A young Hungarian-German designer, charismatic artist and creative cosmopolitan. Born in Budapest, he has half of Europe in his genes. Childhood days in rural Hungary were marked by Soviets and poverty. Before growing up in renewed, modern Germany, to begin again from nothing, a foreigner without a nest. Heilig’s life’s journey, a constant change of worlds. The quest for authenticity, identity and balance forever shapes this virtuoso’s work.

"I'm not interested
in what design is allowed to do."

 *01 Initial sketche for the PAGODE stool

For the doubter and perfectionist, principles and expectations are bad. They hinder, torment and harass the designer. Focusing on one thing or doing something twice is to find himself bored. Daniel Heilig is driven to move forward. To discover new things intuitively, interdisciplinarily, experimentally. Finding redemption and inspiration in the infinite beauty of the moment.

“My objects are,
above all, a feeling.”

*02 Side Table THRONE

The designer’s thinking, ideas, and creative impulse are without bounds. Everything fertilizes the other. Photography, music, fashion, furniture design. His creative plurality unites the pursuit of beauty in a philosophical sense. From this insatiable longing, Daniel Heilig creates uniquely exquisite, time-honored functional art, designs in which beauty may express itself fully.

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