„Compagnons de Vie“ collectible design collection

I appreciate a personal connection
with collectors of my work.

Daniel Heilig, Designer

that tell authentic stories.

This collection is art, opulent, practical art. The artistic concept of Heilig Objects is to connect the past and the almost forgotten with the rediscovered and contemporary. In his works the designer redefines ubiquitous soulless perfection.

Designing divas
and dandies in the room.


Tried, trusted, true materials; their inherently unique beauty concealed within. The artist seeks, sees, discovers and celebrates them. Sensitively joining structures together to create sensuously designed singular objects. The of exquisitely Heilig Objects are divas and dandies in the room. Excitingly extravagant, soulful and assured.

Spectacular, honest
and unbelievably luxurious.

The style of Heilig Objects is elegant, exacting, free spirited. His language of design, reduced but bold. The processing quality incredibly luxurious. Conceptually, color is dictated by those naturally inherent in the original material. Satisfying, fascinating, mysterious nuances, night brown, coal black, smoke gray. Fire, earth, water, air. Human traces, material structures, wild, washed-out, weathered, well-loved. Daniel Heilig’s unique designs are made by hand in Germany, delightful to behold, touch and own. Available exclusively from the artist.

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