ANC-66 Side Table

ANC-66 Side Table
Designer: Daniel Heilig (2020)

Side table ANC-66 bears the design insignia of a modern furniture classic: less-is-more aesthetics, timeless elegance and construction perfection. This side table is handcrafted by the artist in Germany. It shines as Natural and as Black Edition. ANC-66 sets forth the ancient art of boat building; young concrete recipes and historical wood dying knowledge. Its sensual essences, ash and concrete, are handcrafted using elaborate techniques. Such precious individuality makes this side table a masterpiece.

Dimensions (H x W x D):

48 x 44 x 44 cm


14 kg


Material 1:
Historic baking tray for hard breads, heated a thousand times. Cleaned, deburred and clearly lacquered.

Material 2:
High-density manufactured concrete, diamond polished, silicified, waterproofed and wax polished.


Two sensual materials touching in harmony. The body of the table made of midsummer-night light, hand-planed ash rods. The perfectly poured, alabaster white cloudy tabletop. Easy-care and continuously rippling moments of light and shade make ANC-66 a cherished piece of furniture. A concrete factory guards the innovative formula that makes up the tabletop. Form, function and color are created by Daniel Heilig in the studio. He sands, polishes, seals, silicifies and waxes to perfection. Until he holds the durable, high-density tabletop in his hands.

Master boat builders working with old handplanes inspired the artist’s design: a table formed from sixty-six slender, semicircular rods. Using certified Spessart ash he joins bar after bar, side by side, to create a precision work of art that is continuously restaged by the light. ANC-66 radiates at all times the love and care with which Daniel Heilig creates interior design objects. His circular side table sits at rest or redesigns the room, shining as lounge furniture, coffee table, pedestal, night stand or sitting stool.

Each color style is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. Discover ANC-66 side table in the artist's exclusive



Light grey, manual fine sanding, colourless wax seal. Recipe developed exclusively for HEILIG OBJECTS.

Exquisite centerpiece, serenley singular